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My new record,  "Life Is Long" is now available.  

It was produced by Jim White and features performances by Rhett Miller (Old 97's), Simone Felice (The Duke and the King, The Felice Brothers), and many more.

Please LIKE the Seth Davis Branitz Facebook page if you haven't already).  Im slightly less negligent about posting updates there.

Check out the calendar for some record release shows and if you'd like to see me perform in your town (or your home!) just get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

I plan to publish a collection of my personal essays in 2016 and I post them on this site in the Blog section.  

What else……ok…more soon when Life Is Long is here!



Review of Morning Songs in the April '13 issue of the Chronogram


"Jules Shear. Immediately. Not quite exact, but shimmeringly close. There's a flavor in the voice. And it's the first thing you think of when Seth Davis begins to sing. Jules Shear. As Davis's third and latest disc, Morning Songs, unfurls, you being to think even more of Shear. How could that be a bad thing? It's not just the voice. It's the casual precision, the arc of melody, the weight of lyric. None of this means that Davis is an imitator, a monkey on Shear's stick. I don't even know that he's heard of Shear. But there is a shared economy, and it's a delightful place to start."

"A Softer Place to Land" opens the disc with a folk rock lilt and perhaps the album's weakest set of lyrics. But the forced hook doesn't prevent you from hitting repeat. Others, better, follow- the haunting waltz "Flannel and Blue (Laura's Song)," the relentlessly groovy "Kim," and the remarkable "Whole Life Crisis"- amplifying Davis's simple qualities. He has a keen way with both story and telling. Aimee Mann's "Mr. Harris," for example, is sung from a new point of view, not just male, but two steps to the side. Sonically, it's less baroque and little less catchy. But there's an earthiness that's worth the trade. A Queen's native, Davis's roots stretch back to the East Village anti-folk haunts of the early 90's, and that conflict- between writing, rocking, and respecting roots- is still playing out in the metaphorical grooves of Morning Songs.

-Michael Eck

Chronogram magazine, April 2013


For the holiday season, here is a live performance of

my original single 'I Believe'.

This is an updated version. Ramblings on a confusing Jewish upbringing

and years of formulating values the hard way.

Director/Editor: Beth Cramer



Old news now, but thanks to my fans and friends, I was able to complete and promote my third record.  Morning Songs is sweet & sad. Pretty & troubling. Kind of like a good chunk of my past. Thanks to all of you who came through and made this effort a reality. Please watch my Kickstarter video to hear about it.

Morning Songs can be purchased at
Love, s.

Seth Davis: Morning Songs

Seth Davis Kickstarter Project




“Seth Davis establishes himself as a poet of notable talent..” Creations

“Seth Davis is a passionate creative force and a passionate performer...his music screams passion even in the quietest of interludes...” John Blenn Long Island Entertainment